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image Are you a champion of children's literacy? Do have children or grandchild in grades 4, 5 or 6, giving you a direct connection to teachers in these grades? Would you like t...
image We need someone to help us update the environment catalogue library and to promote it as an available service to educational institutions. This library enhances stewardship o...
image Has anyone else noticed what a prolific summer has been so far for apples? We sure have! After the drought last summer, apple trees this season across the Comox Valley are fully...
image We are currently in need of a person(s) to do some grocery shopping for Amethyst House. This is one day a week Mon to Thurs (flexibility on the day) during the day. Must have o...


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Donate to Volunteer Comox Valley and all funds will be used to: Recognize the importance of volunteerism, encourage others to contribute time, and build a vibrantly inclusive community. Show us how much you love volunteers! Charity Registration no.: 883645582RR0001

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Benefits Of Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to stay connected with the community, stay healthy, and contribute to the local economy. There are hundreds of reasons why British Columbians contribute approximately 114 million hours each year.



Many volunteer positions are fun, enjoyable and may even encompass your hobbies and interests.


Volunteering is an easy way to meet new people who may have similar interests as you, and build lasting relationships in your community.


Many volunteers find that their position helps them make new connections in their community, and allows them a networking opportunity they might not have had otherwise.


An opportunity to give back to a cause that matters, and strengthen your community.

Physical Health.

Volunteerism has been shown to improve overall health, especially outdoor activities that involve physical activity.

Mental Health.

It can also be helpful in battling depression and decreasing social anxiety.

Learning and Experience.

Volunteering teaches new skills in a variety of areas, which can be directly applied to future work or life situations.


Volunteerism allows you to act as a positive role model to those in your life who look up to you, and allows you to lead them by example.


Participating in group volunteering with family members and or friends can help you cement bonds, and improve your relationships.


Volunteering helps give you a sense of purpose and belonging, while utilizing your own unique skills and experience.