Volunteer Facilitator for "Living With Stroke" program

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Position Description


The Heart & Stroke Foundation is introducing a new program to BC Yukon this program is made up of 6 - 8 sessions that engages persons living with stroke and their care partners in learning about stroke based on their own situation. It encourages participation and is supported by, a detailed Facilitators Manual, DVD segments and a Participant Workbook. The program helps people with stroke cope with changes as a result of stroke and problem solve to meet their individual situations. It is based on concepts of self-management and is offered by trained Volunteer Facilitators. Living with stroke provides a social and supportive atmosphere in a community setting.

Applicants (working in teams of 2 people):

Persons with a current or past history of working with stroke survivors and their families (may include: Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Social Work, Nursing, Teachers, Educators etc…)
Persons living with Stroke, Family Members/ Care Partners


To attend a Volunteer Facilitators 1 day training workshop
To work collaboratively with Heart & Stroke Foundation, Manager Survivor Support
-To plan for Living with Stroke programs in your community, 2 times per year (based on population and attendance levels)
-To arrange for a local venue in which to hold the Living with Stroke program, make contact, and arrange space, equipment etc.
-To submit Program logistics to Central Registration
- Set up registration process with 1.800 Information Line
- To ensure materials for the course are ordered from the Provincial Office prior to the start of the course
-To ensure all registered participants are aware of the start time date and place
To hold the Living with Stroke program in the format that it was designed
To submit all required program costs and/or receipts according to the operating grant process
To actively participate in the facilitator network (webinars, or teleconferences) for ongoing learning


Experience in educational workshop delivery
Knowledge about stroke and rehabilitation aspects
Able to manage diverse group dynamics
Able to communicate effectively
Able to facilitate and manage the local arrangements for the group session
For more information and application, please go to www.heartandstroke.bc.ca/volunteer or call Deborah 778 372 8012.


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A valid driver's license is not required for this position, and does not require a vehicle.

Contact Hours

Monday to Friday (10 am to 4 pm)
Colleen Suther - 250-754-5274